Hello! I’m Stephanie!

I’m a designer specializing in communication design, creating interactions, experiences and environments in both the physical and digital world. I’m interested in exploring the possibilities through creative and critical thinking, and hope to evoke people’s interests and foster engagement through design.

I try to see things from various perspectives and notice the overlooked and mundane in everyday life. Throughout my design process, I am passionate about pushing boundaries and discovering the little intersections between things.

Growing up in Taiwan and now living in the United States, I am interested in promoting global culture and values to help people better understand each other through design. I hope to use design as a medium to merge cultures and bring positivity into people’s lives.

Outside of design, you can find me drawing bunny illustrations, practicing Chinese calligraphy and ink painting, or traveling.

For any questions or inquiries, please email me at shchen@andrew.cmu.edu
Currently seeking internship opportunities for summer 2020!