Bodoni tYPE sTUDY

book spread + animation design
Fall 2017

Bodoni Final in Book2.jpg

purpose —
To highlight and explain the unique characteristics and personality of a single typeface in the context of its use, first through a two-page spread then through a short 45 seconds animation.

the spread —
A design element which I was experimenting in this spread was to use the first word “Bodoni” in my body content as a title by making it bolded and only slightly larger than the rest of the text instead of having an actual large title. By doing this, I hope that my audience’s eyes willfocus on the content when they rst look at itrather than being distracted by other elements. In addition, to highlight Bodoni’s uniqueness, I dedicated an entire page of the spread to show its characteristics and personality. Also, the image of a dance represents and captures the smoothness and style of Bodoni.


the animation —
I focused on developing a sequence of presenting the information, starting from the background info of Bodoni and ending with its characteristics. I kept the same color palette and used the entire screen and movement in various directions especially when presenting the Bodoni characteristics.



spreads iterations —

animation storyboard —

personal insights —
While working on the spread, I realized that I had too many elements on it(title, quote, image, characteristic call-out boxes) that were roughly similar in size and weight. There wasn’t a part in my spread that was super eye-catching and bold. Thus, I rearranged and changed the size of some elements on my spread. I also incorporated a little more negative space since my spread felt very full in the beginning.

I also struggled with placing the image onto the spread due to the strong contrast and attention it created. I increased the black space of the image and placed the quote on the image so that my spread didn’t contain too many different small elements. However, I felt that the amount of black of the image was overpowering all other elements on my spread. Thus, I ended up placing the quote right above my image, while keeping my image’s original proportions but making it a little smaller.

Through creating the animation, I learned the importance of paying attention to the timing of every screen and the appearance of every object or text. Everything has to be on the screen long enough for the audience to understand the content. But displaying them too long would slowly make the animation boring and waste time that I could have used to present even more information. I had to re-watch my animation many times to determine the accurate timing of every single component.