DOVE — INTERACTIve letters

digital interaction design (AXURE)
Spring 2018


purpose —
Project objective was to create 2 digital pieces that communicate the definitions of a pair of heteronyms (words that are spelled the same but differ in meaning and pronunciation) by engaging the audience in meaningful experiences using only the letters in the words, With my word being “dove”, the goal was to present the characteristics of the two distinctly different meanings of this word through time, motion, sound, and interaction.

concept —
One meaning of the word “dove” is the past tense of “dive,” which is the action of plunging head first into water of plunging steeply downward through air. I feel dove connotes swift, sudden, and fast. There is a sense of rapidmovement, and sounds that I associate with this movement are water splashing and a single sustaining note that suddenly stops or changes. I imagine a color that is dark or heavy, and material wise, I feel something with a smooth surface but also heavy in weight. Thus, I chose typefaces that feel a little stronger, stable, and slightly more geometric. The heavy and clearly defined curves in the typeface I chose capturethe movement of the meaning of dove, and they are easily noticeable but also smooth in flow. I applied more saturated and stronger contrast to the colors since I feel that the movement ismore fast-paced and heavy compared to the bird meaning of “dove.”

On the other hand, “Dove” also refers to a type of bird that is closely associated with pigeons. I feel that some characteristics of doves include smoothness, cleanness, holy, and peaceful. Sounds that I associate with doves and their characteristics are clean, light, soft, and harmonious notes played from the piano. The color that I associate doves with is white, and material wise, I feel the touch of a very soft blanket or towel when thinking of doves. I also feel that everything related to dove is very natural and nothing feels artificial or fake when thinking of doves. Thus, I chose typefaces that feels slightly elegant and soft, and incorporated smooth movements with a lot of fade in/outs.


final screen captures —
Verb meaning of “dove”

Noun meaning “dove”



mood boards —
Verb meaning of “dove”

Mood Board 1.png

Noun meaning “dove”

Mood Board 2.png

visual language brainstorm —

personal insights —
After decoding the meanings and characteristics of “dove,” I chose some semantic differential pairs and plotted both meanings of my word “dove” on scales (as shown in the process image). Through this, I gained a better sense of the overall mood of the meanings of “dove” and was able to make a clear distinction between the two different meanings. I also learned that the process of decoding the abstract characteristics of each word, object, or concept, and then applying the semantics visually is an effective method to use when building and developing visual variables in design.

Through this project, I was also able to hands on experience creating interactions using Axure, and realized how a simple interaction can make a big difference, making the piece a lot more interesting and engaging. Simply a click or a hover over something that generates an action can be exciting for the audience since the resulting reaction is usually unpredictable for them. Thus, I learned that incorporating interactions in design can be critical and can help increase the excitement and effectiveness of the design.