An Immigrant’s Voice

large scale poster design
Fall 2018

Immigrant Final.jpg

purpose —
Creating a large-scale poster limited to only using black and white and experimenting with expressive typography to communicate a story of an immigrant. The poster is a part of a group installation highlighting various immigrants’ stories, narrating their past, present, and journey.

the poster —
My poster tells a story of Shwuling Shieh, who immigrated from Taiwan to New York in 1984. Experimenting with typographic hierarchy, I emphasized her strong sense of emotions through large type and creating a contrast through the difference in type size and typeface. Without reading the main body text on the poster, the various layers of typography also serve to tell a fairly holistic story of Shieh, with the content being simplified and summarized, but still meaningful and easy to grasp the powerful emotions of an immigrant. I also ended up creating a strong focus around eye level and adjusted some parts of the narrative to become secondary or tertiary information instead of putting emphasis on various places of the poster.

final poster in context —

Final in Environment.jpg


poster iterations —



personal insights —
Through working on this large scale poster, I learned the importance of measuring viewing distance and explored how to create multiple layers of communication through typographic hierarchy. Due to the regulations on use of color, I wasn’t able to rely on other elements, and thus realized how just type can play a huge role in communication and expressing emotions. A struggled I faced throughout working on the iterations was finding a balance between having an overall structure too lose or too complicated and messy. I felt that having a certain amount of white space definitely helps the readability of the poster in this case, and thus, I ended up working my way towards a moderately clean and simplistic style.