logo + garments design
Spring 2017 — 2018

JSA Logo.jpg

purpose —
Design a logo for the Carnegie Mellon University Japanese Students Association (JSA) to promote public identification and also recognition of the organization, a sweatshirt for the organization members, and a Matsuri festival event T-shirt for the biggest event that JSA hosts on campus annually.

the logo —
The logo design serves to resemble the red circle on the flag of Japan which creates a clear connection to the organization’s identity, and a pair of koi fish are included, which symbolizes good luck and perseverance in Japan. These elements serve to capture the essence of JSA and the organization’s deep ties with Japan.

Logo with Sketch.png

the garments —
Both the sweatshirt and Matsuri festival event T-shirt design included sections of the logo, which serves to clearly show the resemblance to the JSA organization’s established identity.

JSA Garment 1.jpg


personal insights —
Throughout these designs, I learned that it is important to balance what remains the same and what changes throughout the different components. Doing so maintain the established identity of the organization but also incorporate new creative aspects to make the garmentsidenti able and interesting.