Time Management

large scale 40 x 30in posters + pocket planner with stickers set + mobile app design
Team: Stephanie Chen, Maddie Headrick, William Su
Spring 2018

Poster Main.jpg

purpose —
Designing a system that informs and engages the audience, moving them to action. Our goal for this project was to inform students about the topic of time management, engage them to reflect on their behaviors, and prompt them to take action to set and achieve their goals. Our task was to design a three-piece communication system, including a large scale flat communicative piece, a hand-held object, and a digital component that encourages college students to create healthy habits through time management.

our concept —
We hope to convey the importance of wise time management. Students should leave an adequate amount of time for exercise, rest, and sleep admist their busy schedules. We want to highlight how time management can be a valuable skill and how it can possibly be achieved.

We are interested in creating a persuasive story around how time management is beneficial, but more importantly, attainable for everyone. This is an important point we want to convey because time management is often considered to be a characteristic you either have or don’t have. Through this open discussion on time management, we hope to dismantle those beliefs and reinforce good time management behavior.

We hope our audience can take specific steps to plan out their days/weeks, so that they won’t, for example, end up procrastinating the night before a project deadline. Also, we hope that our audience can incorporate time for rest and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle since it is evident that many students overlook the importance of health. What we design is aimed to help students create and develop healthy living and planning habits.

poster series —

Poster All.jpg

mobile app —

App Final.jpg

planner + sticker set —

Planner Present.jpg


developing visual vocabulary —

Visual Vocab Sheet.jpg

hand-lettering exploration —


poster development —

mobile app development —

planner development —

personal insights —
Throughout this project, my team struggled to develop a visual language (color, pattern, style, etc.) for time management since it is such an abstract concept. To represent the concept, we decided to visualize time management with a pattern that transforms from being disorganized to organized. In the poster especially, we considered the scale of the circles which we chose to use as our pattern – whether they should be large and bleeding off the page, or smaller and showing a clear pattern from top to bottom. Originally, we tried incorporating different shapes in our pattern, but in the end, we decided to stick with circles so that the visuals would not be too complex to easily understand. Through this process, we found that the pattern was more successful when it wasn’t taking over the entire page. As we came closer to nailing down our visual pattern, we also thought more about how we can use concrete grid systems to form a better display of the transformation from disorganized to organized.

Another issue we faced was figuring out the contrast between the color of the shapes and the color of the text. After a lot of experimenting and discussion, we chose this bright orange color along with a complementary blue-green to create something playful and intriguing. We did not pick any color that was too “educational” as we want people to associate time management with not only school work, but with all aspects of life as well.