Yellow Couch Sessions

poster design
Fall 2017

Yellow Couch Sessions Poster.jpg

purpose —
Assigned to create a promotional poster for Pittsburgh based Yellow Couch Studio’s live music performances. The objective of this project was to create a visually effective poster that accurately presents the various levels of information on the poster and develop a tone and personal voice through the design.

the poster —
I speci cally chose to place this photograph ofa guitar on the bottom of the poster to create a sense of depth and thus pushing the “Yellow Couch Sessions” title into the foreground to make it more eye-catching. The photograph and color choices also create a metallic and classy feel as these musical performances occur at night.



personal insights —
Through designing and creating this poster, I learned the importance of establishing typographic hierarchy through using different stroke weights, line spacing, and adding color to create contrast. I was also encouraged to take on the challenge of breaking the common format of having the main title on the top, and thus used a grid system to position the various information in a way that they still keep the same established hierarchal order but are presented in a more unique way.